Applying what we  understand about the plasticity of the brain should dramatically change how  we teach and parent.  But we have to understand the principles of the research before we can start using it.

The following sessions can stand alone or be combined for a full day of Professional Development and all sessions will benefit teachers and parents who have students/children of any age.


Session 1   Brain Anatomy for Student Understanding

  • Maslow before Bloom
  • Handy brain model
  • Strategies for  horizontal and vertical Integration
  • Strategies for strengthening Executive Function
  • Hormone highlight  – Cortisol

Session 2    How We Learn

  • How the Brain Processes our Experiences
  • Implicit and explicit memory
  • Importance of integrating our memories into narrative
  • Culture is the software of our brain
  • Hippocampus

Session 3   Teaching that supports neuroplasticity    

  • Visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities
  • Growth Mindset
  • Arrowsmith
  • Importance and examples of brain breaks
  • Content area discussions: Math, ELA, Music, PE, Special Education
  • Hormone highlight – Dopamine

Session 4   Built for Connection

  • The Adolescent Brain  (Car rental companies use the research and so should we)
  • Mirror Neurons
  • Discipline that builds insight and empathy
  • Classroom strategies to build a sense of belonging
  • Hormone highlight – Oxytocin